Mahalach Foundation is a family philanthropic foundation, established by Iris and Gal Shalgi in 2015, in order to lead social organizations to develop independent income by structuring and applying a sustainable business model.

The foundation was established to improve the sources of funding in social organizations and to reduce dependence on classic-traditional philanthropy out of a perception for maintaining the financial stability and economic independence of the social sector in Israel.

The foundation promotes its goal by developing and setting up profit-generating units in social organizations, which are based on the organization's core and professional activities, which support its vision.




Overall income from all profit units established throughout the Mahalach Foundation program




Our team

Shiri Ashkenazi

Business and organizational consultant

Rennen Ber

Mahalach foundation manager

Yael Weinstein

Foundation programs coordinator

Eytan Brucker

Financial and business consultant


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