Call for


Each year the Mahalach Foundation issues an invitation for nonprofit organizations to submit their candidacy to the Mahalach Foundation's program for developing self-generating income.

Basic criteria for applying to the program:

1. An annual budget of over NIS 2,000,000
2. A certificate of good governance.
3. A permanent CEO who has served at least one year in the organization.
4. An initial project for self-generating income.


The organization's commitment to the process is vital for its success. For this reason, each organization is required to commit to the process by:
• Appointing a senior member of the organization, holding at least a 50% position, to attend the program.
• CEO participation in strategic meetings based on a schedule to be provided in advance.
• Participation fee of NIS 1,700.​

Schedules and screening stages:

Members of the Mahalach Foundation's management, partners, board members, and strategic partners participate in the screening process.

The process includes the following stages:

Stage 1: Screening and verifying compliance with the threshold conditions.

Stage 2: Selection committee attended by representatives of the Mahalach Foundation's partners.

Stage 3: Detailed submission of the proposed self-generating income model.

Stage 4: Introductory meeting between the organization’s CEO and the Foundation's chair and professional team.

Stage 5: Presenting the organization and its self-generating income model to the Mahalach Foundation's board members, partners, and key players in the Israeli economy.


The call for applications for the Mahalach Foundation 2021 program will be published in August 2020.