The Mahalach Foundation in the Academy


The Mahalach Foundation, together with The College of Management Academic Studies (The COLLMAN), has developed a first-of-its-kind course in Israel for developing self-generating income in nonprofit organizations.

The course introduces managers to an innovative economic model while providing them with tools and skills to create self-generating income, by building a sustainable business model, this is the basis for changing the mindset in the social sector and strengthening the financial stability and economic independence of the Israeli's social sector.

The course is based on the Mahalach Foundation model and combines academic knowledge and theories with applied practice.

From Dependence to Strength

Executive course | Developing self-generating income in nonprofit organizations.

Main goals and objectives:

The course presents an innovative approach to social-business management by providing tools and skills to develop self-generating income and build a sustainable business model in nonprofit organizations:

· Familiarity with models and principles for developing self-generating income.

· Providing practical tools and business models for professional management.

· Introducing advanced business management theories, emphasizing the models relevant to developing self-generating income.

Target audience:

Nonprofit organizations' directors and board members | Corporate responsibility directors in the business sector | Policy makers and executives in the public sector and local authorities | Business sector executives aiming to assimilate social thinking into their organizations | Representatives of philanthropic foundations

Course topics:

Familiarity with models for developing self-generating income | Business strategies | Financial models | The Marketing Story | Digital marketing | Legal issues relating to self-generating income in nonprofit organizations | Sales strategies | Customer relations management | Change management | Visual transmission of messages | Innovation and creative thinking

Course scope:

  • 36 academic hours | 9 sessions

  • A certificate from the College of Management Academic Studies (The COLLMAN) will be awarded upon completing the course.

Acceptance requirements: 

  • A bachelor’s degree

  • A master’s degree or 5 years’ experience in a senior position in the social / public sector.

For more information and registration:

072-2248670 |

Class 3 will begin in December 2020